SR 408 Underhill Bridge Blog Post has  posted the online story about the S.R. 408 Underhill Bridge lighting project. They wish to congratulate us on this achievement!
 To read the article please see the link below:

CFX Commendation



The City wanted to have a tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting, by illuminating these two towers on 408 (which is a few exits to downtown Orlando) in the Pride rainbow colors. John McPherson assured the Mayor and Our Client that they would be ready by the one month anniversary of the massacre. John partnered with a supplier of High cost LED lighting to donate the equipment and Jorgensen would assure that it was installed on time. Since it was high tech equipment it had to be configured by a technician who’s availability was only for that Friday night at 2:00 AM. Well that Friday afternoon the contractor who was doing the install notified us that they were not going to be able to finish on time.You could imagine the feeling after being assured during the week that they would be ready. So we go to the work site and they have about 1/3 of the job done, after being at it for four days. We have about 6 hours to get twice as much done as what took 4 days. So we call Electricians from other projects to assist us in getting this done. Everyone starts to arrive on site and right away they jump into what needs to be done. Little by little it begins to take shape and By 4 AM in the morning the job is complete and the Technician turns the switch and the lights work beautifully. On the Anniversary which was a couple of nights later, the City, the Mayor, and the Client were impressed by how beautiful it looked but, they had no idea what had to happen behind the scenes to make it all work.

So I would like to acknowledge:

Peter Gonzalez, David Aponte, Anthony Cocozza, Madev Sakhichand, Victor Polanco, Jose Feliciano, Misael Rivera

For coming on a Friday afternoon with no hesitation and getting the Job done right! No matter what it took.


Richard Ramos

Broward County Commendation




Broward’s Road Ranger service, sent directly from DOT Central Office (Tallahassee). The aiding road ranger was Meus Aleus.

Dear Mr. Kinney,

I am emailing to let you know of my positive experience with the FDOT Road Ranger service regarding a tire blowout I had on Wednesday July 6th, 2016.

I was traveling north on I-95 from Ives Dairy Rd and had the unfortunate experience of a tire blowout just south of the Hollywood Blvd exit. The incident took place at around 5:30pm during the height of rush hour traffic. Fortunately, I was able to get to the safety of the emergency lane on the east side of the highway.

During an unproductive call with my personal roadside assistance company, your Ranger (Meus Aleus) pulled up behind me, set up emergency cones and within 10 minute had the tire changed!

I can not say enough about how pleased I was with how quickly the FDOT was on the scene. The Road Ranger was courteous, professional and efficient. He changed the tire so rapidly that I forgot to get his name. I am hoping you can relay this message to him regarding his excellent service!

Once again, let me say how pleased I was with the service FDOT offered. The Road Ranger made a very uncomfortable situation bearable.


-Glenn Lawson

Jacksonville Project Commendations


Natasha Rolon received a very nice call from a Nassau County business owner. Miss. Tammi stated SR-200 at Piney Island looks simply beautiful. She said our guys did a wonderful job and she’d like to thank us on behalf of all the Nassau County business owners and residents.



To whom it may concern. I would like to say since Trevor Howes and his crew took over the Bradford co road way up keep its been great.Ditches are mowed medians are mowed trash is picked up its been by far the best service I’ve had in years.If I have a question or a problem all I have to do is contact him and its taken care of right away him and his guys are great at what they do and always do a great job…I personally want management to know that they truley are good people and the Customer service I receive is great …thanks again guys for all that you do to keep our Rd ways clean and mowed.

Mrs. Prescott

Hardy Toll Road Conversion Project

We just completed work to convert the Hardy Toll Road to an all electronic tolling system. It has been a long and involved process that spanned months before the actual demolition and re-construction process. RJA played an integral role in sign installation all along the Hardy as well as traffic control, equipment removal, transport, and aiding the engineers and general contractors to further operations before the Monday morning deadline. All personnel spent the last half of the week working tirelessly on back to back shifts until the lanes were opened ahead of schedule.
HCTRA’s Maintenance Director personally called and thanked RJA for the work we did to make this massive operation a success. Our personnel did a wonderful job making this conversion a smooth one.

Leader of the PACT Awards Ceremony June 2016

We had a total of 7 award recipients. We provided food and beverages for everyone and the winners received their certificate for the respective month that they were nominated. They were also given a $50 gift card and congratulated on their commitment to fulfilling the tenets of our PACT program.

In addition we held a raffle and gave away door prizes which included (2) 32” LED HDTVs, (2) Amazon Fire Tablets , (2) Cordless Drills, (2) Insulated Thermoses, (2) LED Lantern/Flashlights, and (4) $25 gift cards. We drew names of every employee that did not have an “at fault” accident within the last 6 months. We wanted to highlight individuals that have a safety mindset and work safely day in and day out.



It is unfortunate but we had to terminate an employee within their 90 day probationary period for playing Pokemon GO. Supervisors please talk to your employees.

Indian River Commendation


I just wanted to write a quick letter expressing my outstanding experience with Peter Gonzalez of Jorgensen as it pertains to turning over my US-1 Lateral Ditch Project.  It started with a meeting at the beginning of the project August 22, 2016 were he was able to assist us in the understanding of the work that they have been performing on the ditches and the very important relationships with our external customers (residents).  After he turned those ditches over to us, he kept in monthly contact with myself so that he was aware of the construction progress and to ensure any assistance if needed.  His assistance came mostly in the form of simple invaluable knowledge of the area, the people, and ditch status quo.  For this I am very thankful.

As we began to near the last 6 to 8 weeks of the contract, Peter made efforts to attend our progress meetings, visit our completed ditches, have conversations with stake holders, and assist in the compilation of desired action items.   These actions alone helped the Department and the contractor better prepare for a smooth “Final Acceptance Walk Through”.    As the walk through progressed, it seemed flawless and complete, however, when we reached Ditch #12 located in the most pedestrian sensitive area of the project, the Department was presented a challenge of additional work caused by a most recent 100 year storm.  The Contractor expressed their concerns of performing that work and the impacts it would have regarding a final acceptance.  Peter promptly stepped up and offered to help the contractor so that the goals of the Department could be met and final acceptance of a quality product was achieved.  The contractor was receptive and work progressed.  Peter throughout the process was integral in pointing out items that were in need of correction and in support of the Departments best interest, thus giving us the head start needed for completion.

In conclusion, having dealt with multiple Asset Maintenance Agencies, I have never seen the exhibition of such characteristics defining a “true partner”.  I consider myself lucky to have had this support and Jorgensen is well served to have this type of leadership.

My most sincere appreciation and thanks,

Mark C Freeman

Georgia Team Training

Pictures of the Georgia Tree Cutting Team training at the Jacksonville

Office and their home office.

Full-Depth Repair on Southbound SH161 Curb

Here are pictures of our TxDOT US175 guys working on Full-Depth Repair, Southbound SH161 Curb.