CFX Commendation



The City wanted to have a tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting, by illuminating these two towers on 408 (which is a few exits to downtown Orlando) in the Pride rainbow colors. John McPherson assured the Mayor and Our Client that they would be ready by the one month anniversary of the massacre. John partnered with a supplier of High cost LED lighting to donate the equipment and Jorgensen would assure that it was installed on time. Since it was high tech equipment it had to be configured by a technician who’s availability was only for that Friday night at 2:00 AM. Well that Friday afternoon the contractor who was doing the install notified us that they were not going to be able to finish on time.You could imagine the feeling after being assured during the week that they would be ready. So we go to the work site and they have about 1/3 of the job done, after being at it for four days. We have about 6 hours to get twice as much done as what took 4 days. So we call Electricians from other projects to assist us in getting this done. Everyone starts to arrive on site and right away they jump into what needs to be done. Little by little it begins to take shape and By 4 AM in the morning the job is complete and the Technician turns the switch and the lights work beautifully. On the Anniversary which was a couple of nights later, the City, the Mayor, and the Client were impressed by how beautiful it looked but, they had no idea what had to happen behind the scenes to make it all work.

So I would like to acknowledge:

Peter Gonzalez, David Aponte, Anthony Cocozza, Madev Sakhichand, Victor Polanco, Jose Feliciano, Misael Rivera

For coming on a Friday afternoon with no hesitation and getting the Job done right! No matter what it took.


Richard Ramos

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