Employee Benefits

Visit here for updates and resources on benefits and company policies! For more information on Jorgensen benefits please see below.


Medical Benefits

Jorgensen believes it is important to invest in quality plans that are cost effective, easy to use and valuable to you.

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Dental Benefits

Jorgensen’s dental benefits are included in the selection of the HIGH option plan.  You can contact a specialist directly at 800-932-0783.

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401(k) Retirement Plan

Jorgensen makes saving for retirement easy and painless.

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Flexible Spending Account

Why Use Flexible Spending Accounts?  You save Federal, State and FICA taxes on the money you set aside.

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Additional Materials: FSADirect Trifold

Employee Assistance Program

Jorgensen has teamed up with The Hartford to provide you with Employee Benefits.  Check out the website to speak with customer support for the specific benefit.

Ability Assist Services can be accessed here. See your Office Manager for access information.

Links:  Website Refer to your office manager for the user ID and password to the site.

Additional Materials: Funeral Planning, Travel Assistance, Estate Guidance, Beneficiary Assistance

Jorgensen App Instructions

The app provides the ability to broadcast communications to all of our employees who have the app. Whether you have a company issued smartphone or your own personal device,  please download and get familiar with RJA’s newest company-wide communication method.