Jacksonville Project Commendations


Natasha Rolon received a very nice call from a Nassau County business owner. Miss. Tammi stated SR-200 at Piney Island looks simply beautiful. She said our guys did a wonderful job and she’d like to thank us on behalf of all the Nassau County business owners and residents.



To whom it may concern. I would like to say since Trevor Howes and his crew took over the Bradford co road way up keep its been great.Ditches are mowed medians are mowed trash is picked up its been by far the best service I’ve had in years.If I have a question or a problem all I have to do is contact him and its taken care of right away him and his guys are great at what they do and always do a great job…I personally want management to know that they truley are good people and the Customer service I receive is great …thanks again guys for all that you do to keep our Rd ways clean and mowed.

Mrs. Prescott

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