Leader of the PACT Awards Ceremony June 2016

We had a total of 7 award recipients. We provided food and beverages for everyone and the winners received their certificate for the respective month that they were nominated. They were also given a $50 gift card and congratulated on their commitment to fulfilling the tenets of our PACT program.

In addition we held a raffle and gave away door prizes which included (2) 32” LED HDTVs, (2) Amazon Fire Tablets , (2) Cordless Drills, (2) Insulated Thermoses, (2) LED Lantern/Flashlights, and (4) $25 gift cards. We drew names of every employee that did not have an “at fault” accident within the last 6 months. We wanted to highlight individuals that have a safety mindset and work safely day in and day out.



  1. DENETRA GREEN says:

    Great idea to give out Door prizes!

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