Moving Up

I want to encourage all of you to plan for your future and think about what you want to do with Jorgensen this year and beyond. You have heard us talk about having a career at Jorgensen and not just a job. We have Career Evaluations every year to talk about your future and give you the guidance and tools to meet your goals.  We encourage and demand your Supervisor to spend time with you to develop your skills and offer you the training and development opportunities you need to get where you want to go with the company.

I want to leave you all with a simple message. Start thinking about your career here at Jorgensen and what you want to do. The future looks bright for our business and we are going to need the best and brightest maintenance professionals to get it done. We want you to follow the lead of others who have had the skills, the attitude and the ambition to take their careers to the the next level. I encourage you to talk to your Supervisor and your Project Manager and come up with a detailed plan and stick to it.  Good luck and see you soon!