Leaders of the PACT


Thank you to all of our employees who demonstrate loyal service, outstanding performance and contribute day in and day out to the ongoing success of Jorgensen!


Learn more about the Leaders of the PACT program and how you can nominate your co-workers when they go above and beyond.

The PACT is a Performance Driven Culture that each employee in the company has the responsibility to understand and embrace. It is not a task that needs to be completed or a form that needs to be filled out. It is the foundation for the company’s expectations and it is embedded into the character of everyone in the organization. Simply put, it means:


“Bringing together a group of diverse and talented people that make a good living doing something they sincerely enjoy and can go home at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment, understand that their individual contribution made the business successful, and be proud to be a part of Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.”

  • It is not a cliché.
  • It is not a management tool.
  • It is not a Human Resources policy.

We have created new PACT Award Hard Hat Stickers. Wear those stickers with pride, you’ve earned them! Congratulations to all the winners and keep up the amazing work.Keep nominating your fellow employees to keep this program alive. The employees are truly what makes Jorgensen an extra ordinary company!


“I have made PACT with Jorgensen and I understand how I ACT is as important as how I perform”

The PACT is one of four areas in the JED (Jorgensen Employee Development) Program:

  1. PACT Definition. Understand each part and the importance.
  2. Position Description.
  3. Career Evaluations.
  4. Employee Recognition Program.